Best Bird Photos of 2019

Roseate Spoonbill, Platalea ajaja


Time may be infinite, but our small slice of it is not.  Tempus fugit.  So yet again it’s time to submit these best-of-year photos and wrap up another memorable 12 months of birding.  Each shot has a back story, but this year I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves.  Hope you enjoy them.

Great Horned Owl, Bubo virginianus

Wood Duck, Aix sponsa

Green Heron, Butorides virescens

Red-shouldered Hawk, Buteo lineatus

White-throated Sparrow, Zonotrichia albicollis

Eastern Screech-Owl, Megascops asio (I believe Andy took this shot while I expertly held the light)

Black Skimmers & Sandwich Terns, Rynchops niger & Sterna sandvicensis

Double-crested Cormorant, Phalacrocorax auritus

Crested Caracara, Caracara cheriway

Tree Swallows (juvenile), Tachycineta bicolor

Snail Kite, Rostrhamus sociabilis

Downy Woodpecker, Picoides pubescens

Belted Kingfisher, Ceryle alcyon

Anhinga, Anhinga anhinga

Pied-billed Grebe, Podilymbus podiceps

Great Horned Owls (juvenile), Bubo virginianus


I can’t help but wonder where all these birds are today.  Their slice of time is even smaller than ours.  Best wishes for the holidays, Happy Hanukkah, and Merry Christmas to all.

20 thoughts on “Best Bird Photos of 2019

  1. Steve,

    These photos are absolutely beautiful. I can’t help wondering, however, if you threw the Double Crested Commerant in as a ringer. It looks pretty Seussian to me! Dorothy


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  2. Hi Stephen, Donna here again. 🙂 I’ve been searching through your posts for one you discussed going on birding tours and hiring a local person and I thought it was specifically about one of your trips to the Everglades. I couldn’t find it, am I way off in searching “Everglades”? I’ve just arrived for the winter in Everglades City and wanted to look into the one(s) you hired if they were near me. Being an amateur birder, I wanted to try to benefit as much as I can while we are here. I’m pouring over the info on the Everglades and all other parks and preserves around us. Exciting!!

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    1. Donna, Sorry I’m a day late in getting back to you. I’ve never hired a guide in the Everglades; we’ve just sort of flown by the seat of our pants, pulling off the roads in likely places. Not far from you there is a good site with a tower at 10,000 Islands NWR. It’s right off 41. We also took a day trip over to the eastern edge of the park south of Homestead, and driven to the end of the road, as far south as you can go on the Florida mainland. There is a visitor’s center there and numerous short trailheads along the road. Also, if you head a little east on 41 from your road to Everglades City, you’ll come Turner Road heading north in Big Cypress Park. This dirt road is a great place to bird; you never know what you’ll see; just watch out for gators. Hope this finds you in time and helps. Stay Safe.

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      1. Thank you so much for your information! I’ve noted all tip locations, we passed the 10,000 Isl NWR yesterday enroute to Naples, I wanted so bad to turn in, but we were on a mission to look at electric bikes which took all day, ugh. (we did buy two, yay!) You’re not late in responding at all, we are in Everglades City in our motorhome until the end of March. I’ve got time to do them all, several times over once I find cool spots. 😊 And for sure, be safe when out about venturing. I’ve been gathering information on taking a private boat tour of the mangroves and 10,000 Islands, one is done by a resident birder, so I’m hyped on that one. Hubby isn’t a birder (or so he thinks), but he’ll go along for a cool ride (hint electric bikes). He is a bit of a birder now, he’s learned a lot of IDs and is getting better at spotting one before me. Shhhhh….just don’t tell him. 😉 Thank you again very much! We’ll see what I ‘score’ in the next three months!!


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