Cardinal Etheree


Etheree is a form of poetry named for the American poet Etheree Taylor Armstrong.  It is composed by using 10 non-rhymed lines, the first with one syllable, the second with two, the third three, etc. up to 10 syllables in the 10th line.  I came across the form at Somali K. Chakraburti’s blog, where she posted his beautiful example called “Elusive Happiness”.


whiff of

sweet fragrance

wafting through air,

crisp ray of sunshine

in a misty morning that

vanishes as soon as it

appears;  Elusive happiness

finds us and fades away as we seek

it frantically at each turn along the way.


So I thought I would give this art form a try with “A Cardinal”.



flits across

my morning path

capturing sunshine

in its scarlet feathers.

The temporary pleasure

brings contentment to this birder

as he begins another solo

trek to the swamp and future feathered joys.

Northern Cardinal 2173

Okay, I get it.  I’ll stick to prose and photography and let S.K. Chakraburti and others compose etheree.  But I encourage you to try it for yourself.  It’s fun.  Feel free to submit your own creations in the “Comments” section.